The Gode Family from the village Holle, near by Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany

On this page is explained how the Gode-Family from Holle by Oldenburg in Lower Saxony started. Additional you find the ground pedegree.
The name Gode you will find all over the world. Here I describe only the Godes Descendents from Holle by Oldenburg. This town is first documentary mentioned in the year 1277 but the church was already built in the year 1150 and got the name Hollenderkerken (church of the Dutch). Most probably was the village Holle founded by Dutch people, because they know best how to dry swampy areas.
There are two Gode-origins in Holle. Johann (de) Gode * ca 1510 born on a farm in Oberhausen(part of Holle).
The other one was
Claus (de) Gode * ca 1530 on a farm directly in Holle. We have no documents where the original farm of the Gode's was located. So I appointed their common grandfather was born in about 1450.
This one or an elder one gets the name Gode, coming from "de Gode" in Lower German and means a good man. Probably he did something good for the village Holle and so he got his last name.
Some branches of the Gode-Family had also the name "Degode" in the year 1874 when the civil status was introduced and not only the churchbooks. After that date you couldn't change your last name.
Diedrich Wilhelm Degode born on June 22nd in 1836 in the village Blexen bougth 1872 a house on the marketplace in the City of Oldenburg. In this house he founded a grocery where he sells manufactory things. Today it's called the Degode-Haus one of the oldest houses with nice decoration in the City of Oldenburg.

The following database contents only the Gode-descendents starting with the fictional progenitor born about 1450 in Holle

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In this pdf you have the first 9 Generations of the Gode-Family starting with NN Gode * about 1450.
The PDF-files of the branches A to Q are available when there is a relationship.

⇒  Gode-PDF from the first nine generations Gode from about 1450

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