The Hedemann Family

This page describes the genesis of the Hedemann-Family from the village Helle near the Zwischenahner Meer.
The name Hedemann has in the USA the variance Hedeman and in Europe as "von Hedemann" and in East-Frisia exists the name Heedemann (Johann Hermann Gerhard Heedemann * 01 Feb 1846 in Großefehn, OFL. The origin of Hedemann/Hedeman/Heedemann started in the village Helle at the Zwischenahner Meer. The name was first mentioned in a document from 1134, the farm Hedemann in the year 1190. The oldest known Hedemann with a first name is Robe Hedemann * ca 1460. His grandfather is named in the "Oldenburger Salbuch" as "Hedemann thor Helle".
The branch of the
von Hedemann is orginated in Hoya with Friedrich Hedemann * ca 1465. Es spricht alles dafür, dass dieser Friedrich von den Hedemanns aus Helle abstammt. In his document I try to explain this thesis:

⇒  Origin of the two Hedemann-Family-branches

Out of causion I show here this two branches separated:

⇒  The descendents of the Hedemann-Family from Helle, shown with the PAF-Program

⇒  Die descendents of the Hedemann-Family from Hoya, shown withe the PAF-Program

In this PDF-File shows the first nine generations of the Hedemann-Family startet with NN Hedemann * ca. 1430 in Helle an named in the Oldenburger Salbuch.

⇒  Hedemann-PDF-File with the first nine generations of the Hedemann-family beginning about 1465

This PDF-file shows the first seven generations of the "von Hedemann"-Familie starting with Friedrich Hedemann * ca. 1465 in Hoya.

⇒  von Hedemann-PDF-File with the first seven generations von Hedemann beginning at 1465 in Hoya

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