- Horror for every student, no, not for everyone.

I liked it in spite of not-motivated teachers(today I know other math-teachers) so much that I studied Mathematics at University.

One of my favorite themes in Mathematics is the unsolved twin-prime-problem.

Prime-numbers are natural numbers(1,2,3,4,...), wich you only can divide through 1 and through the number itself.

Twin-primes are two primes with the distance 2 (11-13, 17-19).

In school you already learn that there are an infinite number of primes. But until today there is no prove that there is an infinite number of twin-primes.

Who is interested will find here a website about it.

Here you find a German website about prime-twins. Much fun!!!

The greatest primenumber found yet (12/26/2017) is:   277.232.917-1    a number with 23.249.425 digits. This kind of primenumbers are called Mersenne-Primes. This is the 50th and was verified by Jonathan Pace from Germantown in Tennessee, USA.

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