Something basics about genealogy:

Genealogy is wide spreaded in the Internet. If you enter this word in google, you will get millions of answer-pages.
Who enters his lastname and the word "ancestors" in Google will often see that there are hundred of pages about the own family name. If you are lucky your name is in a database of a genealogist and you get your ancestors for free(free means not to pay for and not to spend hours over hours for searching).

How many ancestors do I have? One possibility to show your ancestors are the so called Kekulé-Numbers. The person you start with gets No. 1, the father number 2 and the mother number 3. Every father gets the double-number, the corresponding mother one number more.
Because in every generation the numbers of ancestors are doubled, after 20 generations you already have over one million ascendents, by this being in the 14th/15th century. In the 11th century it would be one billion ascendents. But at this time there were only 550 million people living on the whole earth.
The contradiction may be solved, because there are many related people who married, so the number of ancestors decreased significantly.

Because of this significant relationship between many people, we can assume that every European (and of course every American - except all of his ancestors are native Americans) is related to every person that lived in the time of Jesus.

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In the follow I presentated my ancestors in two different ways:

⇒  The ancestors of my grandchild desribed with Kekulé-Numbers (Program AGES) 

Another possibility is the presentation with Personal-Ancestry-File(PAF), a program from the Mormons:

⇒  My ancestors and relatives shown with the PAF-Program

If you like to have my ancestors in an english database please click here

Another presentation you can find    h e r e
The Internet-site is of special interest for people who don't speak much english, because it's possible to see your ancestors also in a Spanish-, French-, Italian- or Dutch-Language Surface.

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