The Pieperjohanns Family

On this page is explained how the Pieperjohanns-Family started. Additional you find the ground pedegree.
All persons with the last name Pieperjohanns/Piepersjohanns are descendents of Gesche Lamken (14.12.1736 - 23.11.1804) and Siefke Roy (1732 - 1.7.1782). Siefke Roy was a farmer in Lindern/Apen and he goes into receivership.
After that he went to Westerloy and named himself Siefke Pieperjohanns (it's not known, why he used this name. On November 15th 1759 he married Gesche, the daughter from Frerich Lamken and Talke Renken.
At the marriage Gesche was called Gesche Pieperjohanns and Siefke Roy takes her last name. That's now the knowledge about the name Pieperjohanns.

The oldest ancestor

The oldest known ancestors of the Pieperjohanns are
Wilke Vögels (* ca 1650) and Anna as the grandparents of Siefke Roy and Friedrich Heidkross (* 1676 in Westerstede) and Grete Lamken(* 1682 in Zwischenahn) as the grandparents of Gesche Pieperjohanns.

In the following database you will find the Pieperjohanns-descendents

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In this PDF-file you find the first six generations of the Pieperjohanns-Family.
The PDF-Files from the branches P1 to P19 are available when there is a relationship. You can order them by Mail.

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From the ancestors of Ötje Pieperjohanns(* about 1760) it's still uncertain where the name "Pieperjohanns" came from:

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