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On this site you will see the origin of the Rodiek-Family.
All persons with last name Rodiek/Rodieck (in the USA also some Rodick) came from one farm in Kirchkimmen near by Ganderkesee. This town is situated in Lower Saxony between Oldenburg and Bremen. In Eastfrisia is one branch written as Rodyk.

Oldest Ancestor
The oldest ancestor of the Rodieks known by name was called
Hinrich Cordeß and he was first mentioned in 1489. He had at least two sons, on of them built up a farm in the neighbourhood. The descendents of these two already called themselves Rodiek.
In the 16th century there are many writing forms of Rodiek :   von Rodyke, to Rodyke, bym Rodyke, Rodich, Rodike.
Since the end of the 19th century they all called themselves Rodiek (seldom Rodieck or Rodyk).

Emigration to the USA
The Rodieks who emigrated to the United States were changed in Rodick/Rodieck or Rodiek because the immigration officers wrote the names by sound. (RODEAK would have been the nearest to the German pronounciation).

Origin Of The Last Name RODIEK
There is only one correct explanation: On the farm there was a little lake. Due to the content of iron in the soil the water turned red.
This red lake (German: roter Teich, in Lower German: roe dyke) gave the name to the persons of this farm (von roe dyke = die vom roten Teich = those from the red lake =
von Rodyke) .

On the 5th of Juli 2008 met 59 Family-members on the first Rodiek-Family-Reunion in Kirchkimmen. They came from Germany, Austria and France.

The second Rodiek-Family-Reunion took place on the 7th of Juli 2012 in the Vielstedter Bauernhaus. 75 Family-members joined it. From the United States were Rodieks from Tampa,Florida - New Orleans, Louisiana - Houston, Texas und Kansas-City, Missouri

Our American Rodiek-Family-members in front of the lane "Im Rodiek" next to the original farm(2012):

The 3rd Rodiek-Family-Reunion took place on Saturday 17th of June 2017. We celebrated 500 years name RODIEK.

The 4th Rodiek-Family-Reunion should take place in 2022. But the Corona-Virus makes it impossible. When the group for preparation meets again they will make a new plan for this event.

Meanwhile we had a Family-Reunion in Kansas City, Missouri, USA with 100 Family-members from the Rodiek-Branch K3. Information on Facebook : Facebook-Page of the Rodiek-Branch K3

In the following database you will find all Rodiek-descendents

⇒  Die ancestors of the Rodiek-Family, shown with the PAF-Program

In this PDF-file you find the first ten generations of the Rodiek-Family.
The PDF-files from the branches E to V are under this pedegree.

⇒  Rodiek-PDF-File

Following here the "between-branches" with 4 generations. At the bottom are the "under-branches". The PDF-files of the under-branches are available when there is a relationship.

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Here are some pages of Rodiek-relatives:

The German page from Holger Rodiek

The page from Gary L. Rodieck from the USA

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