The Sandersfeld Family

On this page the origin of the Sandersfeld-Family is explained.
All persons with the last name Sandersfeld/Sandersfeldt(in the USA some Sandersfield or Sanderfield) came from one farm of the little town Sandersfeld near Kirchkimmen near Ganderkesee. This town is situated in Lower Saxony between Oldenburg and Bremen.

Oldest ancestor known by name

The oldest known ancestor of the Sandersfeld was called
Sander upte Hurlo and he was first mentioned in 1489. Already 1428 you find in the Oldenburger Salbuch the description Item Sandersfeldt. Sander is the short form of Alexander in Lower German. So might be the first namely ancestor a person named Alexander who lived in the 14th Century and acquired a field or assigned. 1493 we had with Johann von Sandersfeld the first first name of a Sandersfeld.

On 13th of November 2010 was the first Sandersfeld-Family-Reunion in Bad Zwischenahn. 25 people attend this meeting. The arrangement was done by Birgit Sandersfeld.
The second Family-Reunion was held on Saturday 7th of September 2013 in Vielstedt. About 30 Sandersfeld take part on this meeting.

Meanwhile is the connection from the Sandersfeld Vielstedt to East Frisian resolved. Hinrich Sandersfeld, born 05/05/1718 in Vielstedt "emigrated" about 1744 to Bagband, East Frisian. There he married Gertrud Meynen. From this relationship descend all East Frisian Sandersfeld.

The 3rd Family-Reunion will be organized by the "East Frisian" Sandersfeld. When there is a date and place it will be published here.

In the following database you will find all Sandersfeld descendents

⇒  The ancestors of the Sandersfeld-Family, shown with the PAF-Program

In this PDF-file are the first five generations of the Sandersfeld-Family started with Jürgen Sandersfeld * 1590.
The PDF-Files from the branches A to Q with the related sub-branch can be ordered, if the relationsship is attested.

⇒  Sandersfeld-PDF-File Jürgen Sandersfeld * 1590

Here are the seven generations of ascendents of Jürgen Sandersfeld shown up to the oldest known Sander upte Hurle.

⇒  Sandersfeld-PDF-File Ascendents from Jürgen Sandersfeld * 1590

Following here the "between-branches" with 3 to 5 generations. At the bottom are the "under-branches". The PDF-files of the under-branches are available when there is a relationship.

⇒  Sandersfeld-C-branch

⇒  Sandersfeld-C11-branch

⇒  Sandersfeld-E-branch

⇒  Sandersfeld-M-branch

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